Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mommy and Anna's Day May 9th

Anna also got to ride some rides at the mall.

Anna picked out the Hannah Montana bear. She was so excited
to watch it get stuffed.

The finished bear!

Anna and Mommy finally got to have our date. I let her chose what she wanted to do and she had some money from Grandpa Vernon so we went to Build A Bear Workshop. She picked out the Hannah Montana bear and was so excited she wouldn't stand still to get a good picture! She got to pick out an outfit, name the bear, and make a birth certificate. Of course she named the bear Hannah! After we were done at Build A Bear we walked around the mall and found some cool rides. Her favorite was the helicopter because it went up and down. We had a wonderful day which was a blessing after the rough week she and I had. I really do enjoy our time together and hope the kids do too!

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